Q: We will be leaving our rental property. Is it necessary to have the carpets cleaned before hand?
A: In most cases, landlords and real estate agents require that you have the carpets professionally steam cleaned before you move out. If you live in a high-rise without parking or a lift, dry cleaning might be acceptable.
Q: The carpets were stained when we moved into our home. Will they need to be cleaned?

A: If the carpets were stained when you moved in, it needs to be documented in the inspection report. In these cases, you’re not responsible for removal, but the carpets must be steam cleaned.
Q: What’s the difference between dry and steam cleaning?

A: Dry cleaning is a fast procedure typically used for maintenance. Dry-cleaned carpets are dry in approximately 30 minutes. Steam cleaning is a thorough process that rinses carpets, and they take between four and five hours to dry afterward.
Q: Do you do emergency cleanings or water removal?

A: We offer emergency carpet cleaning and flood restoration services. We have the qualifications, insurance and equipment needed for these jobs. For urgent jobs, we arrive within one hour. In most instances, your insurance company can be billed for these services. We provide emergency services in Barossa, Adelaide Hills and Adelaide 24 hour s a day, seven days a week.
Q: Do I need to remove my curtains prior to cleaning?

A: This isn’t necessary. We perform on-site curtain cleaning, and and most can be cleaned without prior removal. Our service removes sts remove stains, allergens and dirt without any hassle.
Q: A leaking appliance caused a minor flood. The water is gone, but will we still require professional care?

A: Professional flood restoration is still needed to prevent mold and rot. Water can seep into unseen places, so a lack of visible water doesn’t mean it’s dry. We’ll check for moisture in subfloors, carpets and other areas to ensure complete dryness. This service is typically covered by insurance.
Q: How often should my upholstery and carpets be cleaned?

A: These should be cleaned at least annually. If you have pets or small children, every six or eight months may be more appropriate.
Q: Do you take credit cards, and if so, is there a fee for this?

A: We accept credit cards, and we don’t charge a fee for use. We also take EFT and cheques.
Q: What is your service area?

A: We serve all of Barossa, Adelaide Hills and Adelaide.

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I had doubts that my rental carpet would come up clean. But it did! I’m shocked and amazed at how good it looks. Will be calling back to have the rest of the house done.”

Vic – House wife Munno Para West

“Technician was helpful, quick and did a fantastic job ”

Caroline – Paralowie

I had Jai from Zig Zag carpet cleaning , clean my heavily soiled and stained carpets, he did a fantastic job. I couldn’t believe how well my carpets looked once he had finished and now even 3months later they still look great. The machine he used was awesome it’s a big van mounted machine not like the little electric one’s that I’ve had guys in the past use, I can’t recommend Jai highly enough and I really appreciate the outstanding job he did with my carpets. Thanks Jai your the best.

Peter- ST Marys

“Our carpers were looking old and soiled with few years of use. we were thinking of replacing it when some one recomended zig zag carpet cleaning. They came and did a full restoration clean on carpets and my carpets are looking like brand new!!!!
can’t thank you enough guys. ”

Sandy – Windsor Gardens

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