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End of Lease Cleaning

At the end of your lease, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the property if you want to get your bond back. This is not a superficial type of cleaning task, and it generally must include everything from cleaning the windows and wiping down ceiling fan blades and base boards. When you thoroughly clean your property at the end of the lease in a manner that it should be done in, the project could take many long hours of hard work. A better idea is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to handle the floor cleaning task. This will save you several hours of time and effort, and you can more easily clean the rest of the home on your own.

Throughout the Home

Throughout the home, wipe down the walls, light switches and trim. In addition cleaning them with soap and water as needed, a magic eraser may be helpful to remove some spots. The windows should also be thoroughly cleaned on the inside and outside, and cobwebs and other debris should also be removed. This also includes cleaning sliding glass doors. If the home has hard flooring surfaces, these should be swept and mopped if your carpet cleaning company will not provide a hard tile cleaning service.

Special Cleaning in the Kitchen

The kitchen will require special cleaning effort. Open all cabinets and drawers. These should be thoroughly wiped down on the inside and outside. Any appliances that will be staying should be thoroughly cleaned as well, and you may need to use a de-greaser to clean the stove and oven as needed. The kitchen should look spotless when you are done cleaning it.

Other Cleaning Steps to Take

There are a few other steps to thoroughly clean the home. Air conditioning filters should be replaced, and light fixtures can be cleaned out. Bathroom and laundry rooms should be thoroughly cleaned as well, and any sides of mildew should be removed. Remember to clean the shower screen, and use a dry cloth to ensure that it shines after it has been cleaned.
As you can see, cleaning a home at the end of a lease requires a lot of hard work. You should schedule professional carpet cleaning service today, and ensure that ample time is available after you move out to complete these other cleaning tasks. You can also hire a separate cleaning service to clean the rest of the home. We can even polish floors to provide you with an overall cleaning service.

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I had doubts that my rental carpet would come up clean. But it did! I’m shocked and amazed at how good it looks. Will be calling back to have the rest of the house done.”

Vic – House wife Munno Para West

“Technician was helpful, quick and did a fantastic job ”

Caroline – Paralowie

I had Jai from Zig Zag carpet cleaning , clean my heavily soiled and stained carpets, he did a fantastic job. I couldn’t believe how well my carpets looked once he had finished and now even 3months later they still look great. The machine he used was awesome it’s a big van mounted machine not like the little electric one’s that I’ve had guys in the past use, I can’t recommend Jai highly enough and I really appreciate the outstanding job he did with my carpets. Thanks Jai your the best.

Peter- ST Marys

“Our carpers were looking old and soiled with few years of use. we were thinking of replacing it when some one recomended zig zag carpet cleaning. They came and did a full restoration clean on carpets and my carpets are looking like brand new!!!!
can’t thank you enough guys. ”

Sandy – Windsor Gardens

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